sábado, 21 de novembro de 2015

What my failure represents.

This image represets my failure. But what does my failure represent? It represents my willingness to try. It means an attempt. It means I left my comfort zone. It means an action. It shows me I have the strength to go through the stressful process of challenging myself to doing more than I am already used to. My failure certainly represents my ability to overcome the sadness of being bad at something I love. It means I was able to deal with my anxiety crisis. It means I am not a coward. It means there are other paths to follow, but that choosing the same path as many times as it takes is also an option. That is, in fact, what I am trying to convincing myself of. After failing, I`ve been trying to convince myself that it is not a terrible thing to fail. I`ve been forcing myself to be Mrs. Brightside as I`ve always been. For some people, failing a test might be the end of a dream. For others, it might be just a normal event taking place. For me, it`s neither. For me, it`s a way of discovering how far I can go. My failure represents my personality. How I deal with it represents who I am as a person. How much of myself I have accomplished. My failure showed me I don`t know enough, but it also showed me I know something. My words were not all wrong, though they were not exactly as they should have been. My failure represents my life. I mean, "you`ll never know until you try."

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