segunda-feira, 21 de julho de 2014

The man who ruled the heart of mine.

At first, he looked a bit too shy and young to even start a conversation with. However, his sweet eyes were attractive somehow. They were not only the sweetest eyes I had ever seen, but also the most charming ones. His seeming innocence made me curious, because I knew that was just his looks. He hid much more inside. Through time, we got closer. The more I spent my time with him, the more I wanted to. Every time he held me in his arm, I felt in a secure place. Nothing could happen to me while I was embraced by his warmth. After a while, I couldn`t get him out of my mind and he conquered most part of my heart in a matter of months. I wanted to do everything for him. I wanted to have him and own him. I knew by then I could spend my entire life next to him and never get tired of it whatsoever. It was intriguing because I had never thought I would be able to feel that amount of love.

Almost a year later, all of my heart was conquered. He ruled it. He owned it. He deserved it. He still had the sweetest, most charming eyes. Nothing had changed about that. Nevertheless, a lot had changed in the meanwhile. I could see he was much more than just the eyes and the skin and the arms. He was a whole man; an interesting, full of life one. All I could think was how I would be able to manage and hold him forever. By the time I realized, his touch was the most caring one I had ever felt. His voice and sleepy face in the morning were the most beautiful things. His kiss was so involving I felt myself leaving earth every time his lips touched mine. I could never get tired of it. His silliness and the way he made me laughed… I could only be thankful.

That was him: the heart, body and soul any person would be lucky to have. And I had him; just for myself. I was constantly afraid of losing all of it, and he was constantly reminding me it was impossible to happen. Words wouldn`t be fair to his kindness. He was the type of man no one would possibly dislike. He was the type of man I would never be able not to love. I had no choice but love him with all I had. I was the luckiest person because he loved me back, with all his heart, with all his intensity. I had definitely found my lucky charm. He was not my other half, though, because he was already complete. But I know I would never again be complete without him. He was that perfect!