segunda-feira, 21 de abril de 2014

Bittersweet symphony, that`s life!

Oh! The patience to be alive I had in the times of yore: where has it gone?!
For years it has been mercilessly playing hide-and-seek with my guts.
The words I don`t even listen: translation of my boredom.
How much farther can somebody actually go,
without murdering another somebody?

No! I am certainly not talking about a flesh wounding type of assassination,

I am talking about the depth of the mind, which is such a ruthless criminal.

Oh! How much longer can the life we drag possibly last?! Jesus Christ!

A hundread years do not seem to be nearly kind to human kind.
What a delightful way of bitterness is the life we pretend!
How it ends... how does it end? Not dulcetly...

Wait! I am certainly not suicidal; it is not about real life.

I am talking about life in that whole other level.
That endless imaginary inner struggle.

Oh! But who wins?