quarta-feira, 3 de outubro de 2012

Romantic talk.

- How annoying are you!
- How so?
- This breathing of yours...
- If I do not breath, I shall die.
- The first time you said something pleasant to me.
- How dreary to be such annoyance to you.
- Why what I think of thee bothers you so much?
- You do not bother me.
- I do not?
- Surely not.
- And why on earth are you worried about being an annoyance to me or not?
- It is not of my deliberated intension to disturb who I care about.
- Do you actually care about me?
- You are the only one I care about.
- If that is so, I beg you to never stop bothering me with thy breathing.
- If it is of your desire...

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