segunda-feira, 9 de abril de 2012

Narrow lines.

Sometimes it`s hard to just sit and write. And I always told people that`s the only way I can write. The thing is: not always you just sit and do stuff. There are somedays you need an inspiration. And when everything is such a mess, you need that mess to be your inspiration of the day. So let`s write about mess.

The world is a mess. My country is a mess. My state is a mess. My city is a mess. My neighborhood is a mess. My street is a mess. My house is a mess. My room is a mess. My bed is a mess. I am a mess. And my mind...likewise.

And then you sit and try to write, anyways. And they ask you to write about coherent things. Coherent ideas, coherent sentences, and with cohesive devices. Well, let me tell them something: life is not coherent. Do you all want me to write about reality? So deal with the mess! I just cannot sit and write like I was a genius of words and put my thoughts in order, sometimes. Put me in jail for that, then. When nothing makes sense, I can only write about senselessness.

We are regular people trying to survive to our regular lives with our regular jobs and our regular dreams. Could this be more messy? I don`t think so. And trying to survive to this messy regular reality, we tend to be confused, and worse, grounded. How are we supposed to sit and do stuff, in the middle of this heavy mishmash? That`s what I ask myself some days. We are not crazy nor sane.

Narrow people, narrow talks, narrow minds; therefore, my narrow lines. I am just limited. My wings were cut. My dreams were taken. My head was shaken. My ideas were all mistaken. This costume party we are living in is taking the brightest sunshine away from me. What am I supposed to sit and write about now, that I am just trustless?

Well I guess I should keep up with the narrow lines of mine. I will fulfil your needs. And lie down. And fall asleep. And wake up. And do the same old shit I do everyday. I will keep up with the mess I am, with the mess I live in, with the mess life is. And wait til the day this mess will turn into something less meaningless. And so I will be able, again, to sit and write about things I really like and believe. Because now, I just believe nothing.

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