sexta-feira, 20 de abril de 2012

I am everybody.

I am the one who does not have excuses,
I am the one who never refuses.
I am that woman who wakes up early in the moring,
That being who does not have time for mourining.
I am the learner who goes to college,
That student who must inhale knowledge.
I am the poet who creates fine rhymes,
I am the artist who will endure lifetimes.
I am the worker who produces for long hours,
The fighter who transforms tiredness into powers.
I am the kids at play,
I am the teenagers who never obey,
I am the adults who will not complain.
I am all of those. I am all of you.
The woman, the student, the worker, the fighter.
The kids, the teenagers, the adults, the three at the same time.
I am not less than I should be.
I am much more than I thought I could take.

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