quinta-feira, 22 de março de 2012

It tasted like freedom.

Aline Fernandes Thosi – A memorable experience I have had.
Trabalho Acadêmico para a Faculdade CCAA. Narrative essay.

There I was. Alone on an airplane to the U.S.A. The air-conditioning was very cold, and it was cozy like that. It did not feel like the boiling hot weather I used to hate. All the Brazilian flight attendents were speaking English already, and I felt like I was really distant from home, even though I was still in my home country lands. It felt like I was conquering a new world. An American girl sat right next to me, and we chatted for a while. At this point the air-conditioning was making me cough a lot. She offered me a minty candy, and I did not deny. She was beautiful and friendly. That was my first impression on American people. Beautiful blond people with a cute smile and a friendly tone of voice, who care about others.

After a while both of us fell asleep. The temperature and the blanket were an invitation to a nap. My nap lasted 8 whole hours. When I woke up, the brightness of the sun through the window pane was blinding. It really hurted my sleepy eyes. When I finally could see something, I looked around the airplane and that cute American girl was not by my side. I thought she’d probably have gone to the lady’s room. She would be a nice first vision after waking up. So I looked to my right, and the brightness was not so bliding anylonger. My eyes were getting used to the light, at this point. I could only see an infinity of blue after my eyes.

I felt the girl next to me had come back when she sat down, and she said we were landing. I probably did not hear the pilot’s announcement because I was asleep. Most of people closed their window shade in order not to see the groung coming closer. I wanted to see that. I had slept the whole trip, I did not want to waste any other minute. So I looked through the window, and then I looked down. I saw Washignto D.C under my feet. And I could see it all. I saw the tall buildings, and the busy streets, and the rivers, and me. I saw myself down there. I saw freedom, I saw challenge, I saw myself growing up.

That was the beginning of new Era to me. I was there, in a foreing country, all by myself, discovering a new side of me. As I stared at the capital of the United States, I felt like I was staring at my own future, my possibilities, my responsibilities. That was, by far, the most memorable experience I have ever had. Being on my own, far away, with lots of possibilities after me.

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