quarta-feira, 23 de novembro de 2011

A song of myself (who I don`t know)

Trying to be away
Away from you
From you who would rather
Would rather be anywhere
Anywhere but here

Trying to keep distance
Distance from your memories
Memories that hurt
Hurt my brain and soul
Soul, broken soul of mine

Trying, and always making
Making the same mistakes
Mistakes I make over and over
Over and over again I bleed
Bleed through my eyes

I`d never see you again
I`d never picture you again
I`d never feel your heartbeat again
If I could, I would
I would if I had the strengh
If I had your cold heart

The truth is, I have no idea who I`m talking about. I was trying to write a song and I wrote some hidden feelings. Feelings for who I don`t know. Maybe for the person I am and shouldn`t be.

Trying to scape
Scape from myself
My ugly self
My ugly selfishness

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