quinta-feira, 21 de julho de 2011

Big Party of Fools

And there I was. Staring at the faces. The music was too God damn loud. I could barely hear my own thoughts. The good thing is that I did not have to make small talk. People insisting in talking/screaming, fighting against that music, which seemed to come from hell. It was a joke from Devil. I could be there, just like a statue, forever. I did not fit. All those supid people, without brains, trying to fit into a paradigm. They were all very happy, and singing. Apparently I was the only weirdo. Just because I was not clappin hands to the fools. So I sat, and ate, and every single movement seemed to be everlasting. All those people I do not know, all my relatives who I am not alike. Those shallow people who just wanna be appearance, and they are not even that! But I am the strange one. I am the one to be called crazy and weird. Just because I would rather sit and write, and read, and cook, and cry, and die, everything not to be there, around those messy and loud people. Hollow people. Hollow lives. Sorrow inside. I do not belong here. I was not born to be part of that big party of fools. I want more.

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