domingo, 19 de junho de 2011

The lizard in my mail box

There is a creature in my mail box
Its skin is colored like are the rocks
Every single cold time my front door locks
My dear pet lizard is waiting for me like a fox

It hides itself when I come in
Always wearing its funny thicky skin
My dear lizard sure enters my box of mail
Showing me how much all creatures can be frail

I tend to see similarity
It`s like me and my fragility
Me and the dear lizard in my box
We are certainly not brave like the hawks

Dear lizard, do not read my letter
It will surely not make you feel any better
My dirty different information can certainly fetter
You do not want to become, similar to myself, an adder

When I finally come home
I have my lizard in the dawn
And I don`t know where it came from
But I know it will never leave me alone

My sweet pet animal of bravery
Protector of my wealthy jewellery
Please, try and make my days flowery
And do not ever allow my nights to be teary

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